Monday, 14 May 2018

S-1877 MIG Design and Manufacturer of Innovative Power Solutions (Western States US)

Business Description:
The company is a leading edge designer and manufacturer of innovative power delivery solutions for the challenging power requirements in today’s marketplace.  Its products include both custom designs as well as conventional, off-the-shelf AC/DC and DC/DC solutions.  Some of its key markets are demanding medical and industrial applications, we well as IT storage and server solutions across all industries.  The company focuses on providing excellent and responsive service to smaller customers that cannot be served well by its larger competitors.

The company utilizes its own direct sales people, as well as rep firms and distributors. 

Operational Strengths:
The company’s strengths rest on two key elements.  First, it maintains a staff of highly innovative engineers to design both custom and standard products.  Its design philosophy is to maximize the use of standard components in designing custom products.  This approach allows the company to be “nimble” and rapidly respond to its customers’ needs.  Its other key strength is related to its manufacturing agreement with a high-volume, offshore entity.  This combination allows the company to be responsive to its customers, even small ones, with customized products at a competitive price, due to the scale economies of its manufacturing partner.

The Transaction:
The owner has been in this industry for many years and now wishes to move on in a fairly short time.  He is seeking a buyer to take 100% ownership.


Financial Summary ($)

2018 Est by Seller
4.5 M
2.6 M
3.0 M
Adjusted EBITDA
750 K
(143 K)
89 K

Other Highlights
Management Team in Place
Years in Business
SIC Classification
Western States

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