Monday, 16 April 2018

S-2846-3 JWT Meat Wholesaler & Distributor (US)

Business Description:  The Company is a well-established distributor and wholesaler of high quality meats founded and continually operated since 1933. The Company has a diverse set of meat products, creates custom cuts and packaging, and consistently delivers on the promise that an order received by 4 PM is delivered the next day.  The opportunity for a new buyer exists in increasing operational efficiencies, opening new E-Commerce channels, and expanding operations in Asia.

Distribution:  The Company distributes its products directly to non-concentrated local & national chain restaurants, retail customers, and international customers per its sales force and e-commerce.  U.S. consumption of meat has grown consistently along with an especially strong Asian growth.

Operational Strengths:  Ground beef of all types and qualities is the Company’s largest division. Also distributed are poultry, pork, lamb, veal, seafood, etc.  The Company maintains numerous certifications.  With 50 employees, the Company operates out of an approx. building facility of 28K sq. ft.  Unused capacity can allow the business to expand significantly in its current setting.

The Transaction:  The experienced management with superb professional skills heads a loyal team.  The owner (not active in the business) wishes to retire, and the management team wishes to continue. 

Financial Summary

2018 Forecast-Seller
40 M
38.9 M
34.9 M
Adjusted EBITDA
1.8 M
1.3 M
1.4 M

Other Highlights
Management Team in Place
Years in Business
SIC Classification
Western U.S.
17 – current owner

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Gottesman Company
Refer to:  S-2846-3 JWT
Tel: 212-330-8010     Fax: 646-434-4557