Tuesday, 10 April 2018

S-1876 MJK Premier Security and Investigation Company (Northeast US)

Business Description:
Located in a major city in the northeast, the Company provides best-in-class security and investigative services to Fortune 100 clients. The Company’s extensive network of partners and affiliates allows it to provide these services on a global scale.

Armed and Unarmed Security, Executive Protection, Threat Risk & Assessment, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, Investigations, Forensics, Asset Searches, Surveillance, Fraud Determination, Background Check, Corporate Due Diligence, and more.

Operational Strengths:
The management staff is comprised of experienced former senior law enforcement and military officers, security and investigations professionals, with many years of experience. The Company is skilled at understanding each client’s unique security needs and providing customized solutions to their situations.

The Transaction:
The owner is offering 100% of his company for sale. The owner has a competent and dedicated management team in place, who handles all the day-to-day management issues of the present operation. The ideal buyer will have the financial resources and interest, to grow the company through additional acquisitions.

The owner would like to remain with the company post transaction, in the position of consultant, whose role would be to guide the growth the company to the next level. He has many important contacts in this industry, along with a plan and list of target acquisitions. His remuneration would be performance derived.

Financial Summary (000s)

Seller Est. 2018
$20.3 M
$19.6 M
$15.9 M
Adjusted EBITDA
$2.6 M
$2.4 M
$1.5 M

Other Highlights
Management Team
Years in Business
SIC Classification

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