Monday, 16 April 2018

S-1331-21 DBN Manufacturer of Membrane Water Treatment Systems (US)

Business Description:
Founded in 1972, the Company provides process-optimized membrane water treatment systems for US municipalities and industry. The Company provides UF/MF non-proprietary, customized drinking water systems for low-pressure membrane treatment, spiral-wound membrane softening, brackish reverse osmosis, and seawater reverse osmosis. The Company employs 21 employees at its 40,000 s/f manufacturing plant. The founder would like to retire.

The Company’s products by percentage of sales are: Design and Fabrication of Membrane Treatment Systems (70%), Chemical Sales (10%), Service of Membrane Treatment Systems (15%), and Membrane Treatment Pilot Units (5%).

Operational Strengths:
The Company enjoys a long-standing reputation for customized membrane water treatment systems utilizing spiral-wound membrane softening, brackish R/O, seawater R/O as well as open-platform low pressure UF/MF systems for municipal drinking water as well as industrial and wastewater applications. The Company’s customer base is national in scope, allowing the Company to support clients wherever they may be located and easily expand into new geographic markets. Selective international work is currently pursued, particularly in the Caribbean. Growth opportunities include capitalizing on new advanced membrane water treatment technologies to diversify technical solutions, penetrating further into the low-pressure membrane market, medium and high pressure markets, targeting opportunities in foreign markets, expanding the use of manufacturing representatives, pursuing the growing retrofit market, and marketing its chemical sales division.

Financial Summary

2018 Est by Seller
12.0 M
10.1 M
9.8 M
Adjusted EBITDA
1.4 M
1.0 M
1.1 M

Other Highlights
Management Team in Place
Years in Business
SIC Classification
3600, 3990

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