Thursday, 5 October 2017

S-1852 JML Aviation Flight Training Simulator Manufacturer - West USA

Aviation Flight Training Simulator Manufacturer

Business Description:   The Company has been a manufacturer of  aviation
cockpit simulation devices for twenty-six years.  Their products range from
desktop simulators and procedure trainers to FTDs.  They offer both type specific and convertible training devices.  Advanced simulators are offered with or without motion.  Motion options range to 6 DOF (Degrees of Freedom).

Distribution:   The training devices are sold globally.  The Company has relied on direct sales and service (85% of sales) and has developed a limited network of dealers and distributors (15% of sales).   Sales and Marketing includes attending aviation trade shows, globally; traditional advertising; and its website.  The Company employs a full time Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Operational Strengths:   The Company has positioned itself as a price leader against its major competitors.  A pricing advantage has been developed through innovative design and engineering, processes that are continually being improved.  The quality of the Company’s products is competitive in all respects.

Sellers’ Objectives:

1.  To insure the future of the Company;
2. To provide capital to take advantage of the potential growth of professional aviationtraining required  to meet the pilot shortage projected for the next twenty-five years (29,000 pilots annually, Boeing);
3. To take advantage of a training market that is turning increasingly to simulator technology to improve the quality of training and to reduce its cost;
4. To provide diversity and liquidity for their estates.

The Transaction:  The Founder who is CEO is offering to remain in his position indefinitely.  The Founders, are willing to sell all of the stock of the Company.  They are also willing to retain a major stake in the Company as long as they satisfy objective 4. above.

Financial Summary (000’s)

2017 Est by Seller
Adjusted EBITDA



Other Highlights
Management Team in Place
Years in Business
SIC Classification
Western States
372807, Aircraft Flight Training Equip Manufacturer

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